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Liposomal technology new? Definitely not! Liposomal technology has been studied since the 1960s. There are many studies* to be found, especially in the medical world. However, development does not stand still. After the successful application in the pharmaceutical industry, you also see more and more liposomal products in the food supplement market.

The challenge we face with regular vitamins and minerals is absorption and bioavailability in the body. Various studies show that regular supplements are absorbed into the blood between 10% and 80%, in the end, less than 5% ends up in the body cells. For optimal bioavailability, it is important that the active ingredients actually arrive in the cells. Using liposomal technology offers a solution!

The dual action of liposomal products allows the active ingredient to arrive in the cells unharmed. Subsequently, the liposomes will fuse with the cell wall and the ingredient will be released into the body cell.

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What is a Liposome?

A liposome is a microscopic hollow ‘fat globule’ that is protected by one or more membranes that always consists of a double layer of phospholipids.

A phospholipid can be recognised by a hydrophilic head (water soluble) and a hydrophobic tail (water repellent). The cavity can be filled with active substances from medicines and/or nutrients through a complex process. These liposomes are then used as a means of transport to transport active substances in the body, so that they can reach the cells intact. As soon as liposomes come into contact with a cell membrane, the liposome fuses with the wall, as it were, and the active substances are released into the cell.


What makes our LSL™ LIPOSOMALE TECHNOLOGIE so special?

Liposomal technology ensures that the active substances of vitamins, minerals and botanicals, among other things, are better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. Regular dietary supplements have the disadvantage that complex molecules (partly) break down the active substances, so that the body cannot absorb them properly.

By applying liposomal technology, this barrier is broken. The ingredients are protected because they are, as it were, ‘wrapped’ in the liposomes and are transported through the body to the cells. This ensures better absorption and the highest possible bioavailability of the ingredients.

What makes our LSL™ Liposomal Technology so special? The process of developing true liposomal powders is incredibly complex. A true liposome is composed of a lipid double layer. Due to this necessary double layer, the ingredient is optimally protected and transported through the body.

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Different sizes of liposomes

An important part of optimally functioning liposomes is the size of the liposomes concerned. This is not the same for every product/ingredient. For this reason, each LSL™ product has a different liposome size. Our liposomal technology is therefore distinguished by the fact that each liposomal composition is tailored to the active ingredient. This is the only way it is possible to develop a liposomal powder with the highest possible bioavailability.

Maximum Encapsulation Percentage

Not only the size of the liposomes is therefore important for the quality, but also the encapsulation percentage. By the encapsulation percentage we mean the percentage of the number of liposomes that are actually filled. Lipo Science Laboratory strives for an encapsulation rate of at least 50%. Since this is an extremely important aspect to determine the quality, let’s further investigate the encapsulation percentage using a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). We do this in collaboration with the Universiteit van Aken. This is the only way we can guarantee the highest possible bioavailability. It is good to know that the average encapsulation percentage is only 20%.

Excellent quality liposomes

Only the best is good enough. With our mission: “Making health accessible to everyone – today and in the future” is our responsibility to bring only high-quality and effective products to the market. Everything that leaves our laboratory is guaranteed top quality. To substantiate the quality of our products, Lipo Science Laboratory collaborates intensively with various researchers, doctors and independent universities.

All LSL products are extensively analysed by Aachen University (RWTH). Research is done into the quality of our products using a Ciryl-Kryo electron microscope. We combine health with the knowledge from Science. That is why we think it is so important that we can demonstrate that all LSL products are truly liposomal.

This is made possible by the research of Aachen University (RWTH). The liposomal product is frozen during the investigation with the Ciryl-Kryo electron microscope. The advantage of this is that active ingredients can no longer move. This allows clear photos to be taken, so that the team can properly assess the quality. In this research, the focus is mainly on the size of the liposome and/or whether this size is appropriate for the product.

An important quality aspect is the stability of the products, which we check under the transmission electron microscope (TEM). As is generally known, the basis of a liposomal powder always consists of a liquid variant. A sample of the liquid base is kept from each batch. This sample is used to assess the stability. To constantly guarantee our quality, we have each batch examined separately.

It is our mission to: “Make health accessible to everyone – Today and in the future”

Liquid Liposomes VS. powdered liposomes

We see two forms of liposomes on the market. Liquid liposomes in particular have gained popularity in recent years. Many studies have shown that this form has a much better bioavailability than traditional nutritional supplements.

Despite the fact that liquid liposomes have a considerably better absorption than regular nutritional supplements, the liquid form does have some disadvantages. Unfortunately, this liquid form is not stable. After opening, the product has a limited shelf life and loses its effectiveness. To slow down this process a bit, it should always be stored in a dark and cooled place. Preservatives are also used to improve shelf life.

Benefits of Liposomal powder

Liposomes in powder form are not that well-known. The use of advanced LSL technology has made it possible to develop liposomes in powder form of the highest quality. In addition to being of proven quality, the LSL powders have even more advantages:

  • Higher stable form;
  • No cooled storage necessary;
  • Better absorbability;
  • Targeted transport;
  • Increased stability.
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Facts about liposomes

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