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Beauty by CellCare x LSL

Lipo Science Laboratory x Beauty by Cellcare

CellCare met Wilbert Megens at the end of March 2021 in search for new innovative applications for our product range. CellCare’s scientific department has long been interested in liposomal application forms, however, we did not find a reliable producer who could come up with proof from an independent institute. Aachen University photographed the liposomal structure with Hitachi TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopes) systems.

Real liposomes - RWTH Aachen University

Many manufacturers claim to have liposomes, but these are actually micelles. Micelles are microscopic simple spherical structures of a number of molecules and should not be confused with liposomes. Liposomes are in fact complex bladder-shaped structures composed of a double, concentric, folded phospholipid layer. In fact, it is the specific double lipid layer of a liposome that protects nutrients (vitamins, minerals, among others) from external breakdown. Liposomes have been a real revolution in the science that deals with how drugs work since 1965.

Furthermore, Lipo Science Laboratory’s unique specialisation is the production of these proven liposomes in powder form. The added value of using dry liposomes over the liquid form includes powder purity (no fillers, preservatives or other inactive ingredients), neutral taste, ease of use and shelf life. The powder in the capsules has a shelf life of up to 2 years from the production date, without losing its efficacy.

We are particularly excited about the rapid development and smooth production of the unique liposomal multi-formula designed by CellCare within our new Beauty by CellCare line. The cooperation with Wilbert and his team at Lipo Science Laboratory is very pleasant and with confidence we will continue to build on this cooperation into a bright future.