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Advantages of dry liposomal powders

Lipo Science Laboratory is specialized in producing  produced in powder form. This gives liposomal using an added value over over the liquid form:

  • Powder quality is pure an contains no fillers, preservatives or other non-active ingredients
  • Powder has a neutral flavour and taste
  • Powder is easy to use it is no unpleasant to smell and goes directly to the place where necessary in the human body.
  • Powder keeps much longer.
    Vitamins and minerals in liquid form only keep for a short time, especially after being opened. Powder in capsules has a shelf life of up to 2 years from the date of production, without losing its efficacy.


Our products:

Lipo Science Laboratory offers a wide variety of bulk liposomal powders/ingredients. Before we bring our own specialized products in to the market, we have already invested in achieving the most optimal absorption in the body. Traditional supplements are absorbed to a limited extent, resulting in a smaller effect.

Lipo Science Laboratory is distinctive from other production processes so that the nutrients in the body are purer and the workable substances remain intact. Lipo Science Laboratory is a progressive product method of liposomal products in powder form without temperature influences, pressure or additives and 100% natural.